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Low dose quantitative phase-contrast medical CT

Authors:  A. Mittone, A. Bravin and P. Coan

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Measurement Science and Technology 29, 2 (2018)

Carrier frequency tuning of few-cycle light pulses by a broadband attenuating mirror

Authors:  O. Razskazovskaya, M. Ossiander, F. Siegrist, V. Pervak, and M. Schultze

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Applied Optics 56 (32), 8978-8982 (2017)

Myoanatomy of the velvet worm leg revealed by laboratory-based nanofocus X-ray source tomography

Authors:  M. Müller, I. de Sena Oliveira, S. Allner, S. Ferstl, P. Bidola, K. Mechlem, A. Fehringer, L. Hehn, M. Dierolf, K. Achterhold, B. Gleich, J. U. Hammel, H. Jahn, G. Mayer, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: PNAS 114 (47), 12378–12383 (2017)

Trabecular bone anisotropy imaging with a compact laser-undulator synchrotron x-ray source

Authors:  C. Jud, E. Braig, M. Dierolf, E. Eggl, B. Günther, K. Achterhold, B. Gleich, E. Rummeny, P. Noël, F. Pfeiffer & D. Muenzel

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Scientific Reports 7:14477 (2017)

Nanoplasmonic electron acceleration by attosecond-controlled forward rescattering in silver clusters

Authors:  J. Passig, S. Zherebtsov, R. Irsig, M. Arbeiter, Ch. Peltz, S. Göde, S. Skruszewicz, K.-H. Meiwes-Broer, J. Tiggesbäumker, M. F. Kling & T. Fennel

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature Communications 8, 1181 (2017)

Feasibility of MR-only proton dose calculations for prostate cancer radiotherapy using a commercial pseudo-CT generation method

Authors:  M. Maspero, C. A. T. Van den Berg, G. Landry, C. Belka, K. Parodi, P. R. Seevinck, B. W. Raaymakers and C. Kurz

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Physics in Medicine & Biology 62, 24 (2017)

Phase-locked multi-terahertz electric fields exceeding 13  MV/cm at a 190  kHz repetition rate

Authors:  M. Knorr, J. Raab, M. Tauer, P. Merkl, D. Peller, E. Wittmann, E. Riedle, C. Lange, and R. Huber

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Optics Letters 42 (21), 4367-4370 (2017)

Increased cell survival and cytogenetic integrity by spatial dose redistribution at a compact synchrotron X-ray source

Authors:  K. Burger , K. Ilicic, M. Dierolf, B. Günther, D. W. M. Walsh, E. Schmid, E. Eggl, K. Achterhold, B. Gleich, S. E. Combs, M. Molls, T. E. Schmid, F. Pfeiffer, J. J. Wilkens

Areas: C.1

Magazine: PLoS ONE (2017)

Decomposing a prior-CT-based cone-beam CT projection correction algorithm into scatter and beam hardening components

Authors:  C. Zöllner, S. Rit, C. Kurz, G. Vilches-Freixas, F. Kamp, G. Dedes, C. Belka, K. Parodi, and G. Landry

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology 3, 49-52 (2017)

A Monte-Carlo study to assess the effect of 1.5T magnetic fields on the overall robustness of pencil-beam scanning proton radiotherapy plans for prostate cancer

Authors:  C. Kurz, G. Landry, A. F. Resch, G. Dedes, F. Kamp, U. Ganswindt, C. Belka, B. W. Raaymakers, and K. Parodi

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 62 8470 (2017)

Soft x-ray excitonics

Authors:  A. Moulet, J.B. Bertrand, T. Klostermann, A. Guggenmos, N. Karpowicz & E. Goulielmakis

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Science 357 (6356), 1134-1138 (2017)

Active intensity noise suppression for a broadband mid-infrared laser source

Authors:  M. Huber, W. Schweinberger, F. Stutzki, J. Limpert, I. Pupeza, and O. Pronin

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Optics Express 25 (19), 22499-22509 (2017)

Optimization of beam arrangements in proton minibeam radiotherapy by cell survival simulations

Authors:  M. Sammer, C. Greubel, S. Girst and, G. Dollinger

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Medical Physics 44 (11), 6096–6104 (2017)

Revising the lower statistical limit of x-ray grating-based phase-contrast computed tomography

Authors:  M. Marschner, L. Birnbacher, M. Willner, M. Chabior, J. Herzen, P. B. Noël, F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: PLoS ONE12(9): e0184217 (2017)

Thermal Schrödinger Equation: Efficient Tool for Simulation of Many-Body Quantum Dynamics at Finite Temperature

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, R. Borrelli

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Annalen der Physik 529, 12 (2017)

Corrugation in the Weakly Interacting Hexagonal-BN/Cu(111) System: Structure Determination by Combining Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy and X-ray Standing Waves

Authors:  M. Schwarz, A. Riss, M. Garnica, J. Ducke, P. S. Deimel, D. A. Duncan, P. Kumar Thakur, T.-L. Lee, A. Paavo Seitsonen, J. V. Barth, F. Allegretti, and W. Auwärter

Areas: B.1

Magazine: ACS Nano 11 (9), 9151–9161 (2017)

Ab initio molecular dynamics of thiophene: The interplay of internal conversion and intersystem crossing

Authors:  T. Schnappinger, P. Kölle, M. Marazzi, A. Monari, L. Gonzalez and R. de Vivie-Riedle

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 25662-25670 (2017)

Development of a 10 kHz high harmonic source up to 140 eV photon energy for ultrafast time-, angle-, and phase-resolved photoelectron emission spectroscopy on solid targets

Authors:  J. Schmidt, A. Guggenmos, S. H. Chew, A. Gliserin, M. Högner, M. F. Kling, J. Zou, C. Späth, and U. Kleineberg

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 083105 (2017)

Overexpression of cytosolic, plasma membrane bound and extracellular heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) in primary glioblastomas

Authors:  J. Thorsteinsdottir, S. Stangl, P. Fu, K. Guo, V. Albrecht, S. Eigenbrod, J. Erl, M. Gehrmann, J.-C. Tonn, G. Multhoff, and C. Schichor

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Journal of Neuro-Oncology 135 (3), 443–452(2017)

Dynamics of electron injection in a laser-wakefield accelerator

Authors:  J. Xu, A. Buck, S.-W. Chou, K. Schmid, B. Shen, T. Tajima, M. C. Kaluza, and L. Veisz

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Physics of Plasmas 24, 083106 (2017)

Efficient orientational averaging of nonlinear optical signals in multi-chromophore systems

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, R. Borrelli, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 044114 (2017)

Integrated Photonics for Frequency Comb Generation and Comb-based Molecular Sensing

Authors:  N. Picqué

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Advanced Photonics 2017 (IPR, NOMA, Sensors, Networks, SPPCom, PS) OSA Technical Digest, ITh1A.4 (2017)

Sub-cycle directional control of the dissociative ionization of H2 in tailored femtosecond laser fields

Authors:  H. Li, X. Gong, K. Lin, R. de Vivie Riedle, X.-M. Tong, J. Wu and M. F. Kling

Areas: B.3

Magazine: J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 50 172001 (2017)

Submillimeter ionoacoustic range determination for protons in water at a clinical synchrocyclotron

Authors:  S. Lehrack, W. Assmann, D. Bertrand, S. Henrotin, J. Herault, V. Heymans, F. Vander Stappen, P. G. Thirolf, M. Vidal, J. Van de Walle, and K. Parodi

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 62 L20 (2017)

Application of fluence field modulation to proton computed tomography for proton therapy imaging

Authors:  G. Dedes, L. De Angelis, S. Rit, D. Hansen, C. Belka, V. Bashkirov. R. P. Johnson, G. Coutrakon, K. E. Schubert, R. W. Schulte, K. Parodi, G. Landry

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys Med Biol. 62 (15), 6026-6043 (2017)

Tracing the phase of focused broadband laser pulses

Authors:  D. Hoff, M. Krüger, L. Maisenbacher, A. M. Sayler, G. G. Paulus, P. Hommelhoff

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature Physics 13, 947–951 (2017)

Propagation-based Phase-Contrast X-ray Imaging at a Compact Light Source

Authors:  R. Gradl, M. Dierolf, L. Hehn, B. Günther, A. Ö. Yildirim, B. Gleich, K. Achterhold, F. Pfeiffer & K. S. Morgan

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Scientific 7: 4908 (2017)

Nanoscale electrochemistry in the “dark-field”

Authors:  C. Jing, J. Reichert

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 6 (1), 10-16 (2017)

A light-weight compact proton gantry design with a novel dose delivery system for broad-energetic laser-accelerated beams

Authors:  U. Masood, T. E. Cowan, W. Enghardt, K. M. Hofmann, L. Karsch, F. Kroll, U. Schramm, J. J. Wilkens, and J. Pawelke

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 62, 5531 (2017)

On the Mechanism of Photocatalytic Water Splitting with Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Photochemistry of the Heptazine-Water Complex

Authors:  J. Ehrmaier, T. N. V. Karsili, A. L. Sobolewski, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. A 121 (25), 4754–4764 (2017)

Rapid implementation of the repair-misrepair-fixation (RMF) model facilitating online adaption of radiosensitivity parameters in ion therapy

Authors:  F. Kamp, D. J. Carlson and J. J. Wilkens

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Physics in Medicine and Biology 62, 13 (2017)

Attosecond chronoscopy of electron scattering in dielectric nanoparticles

Authors:  L. Seiffert, Q. Liu, S. Zherebtsov, A. Trabattoni, P. Rupp, M. C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, F. Süßmann, K. Wintersperger, J. Stierle, G. Sansone, L. Poletto, F. Frassettoj, I. Halfpap, V. Mondes, C. Graf, E. Rühl, F. Krausz, M. Nisoli, T. Fennel, F. Calegari

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature Physics 13, 766–770 (2017)

Evanescent-Wave Gas Sensing with Dual-Comb Spectroscopy

Authors:  Z. Chen, M. Yan, T. W. Hänsch, and N. Picque

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America), paper SF1M.7. (2017)

Nonlinear Optical Technologies for Frequency-Comb Based Molecular Sensing

Authors:  N. Picque

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America), paper SW1M.4. (2017)

Effects of definitive and salvage radiotherapy on the distribution of lymphocyte subpopulations in prostate cancer patients

Authors:  E. K. Sage, T. E. Schmid, H.Geinitz, M. Gehrmann, M. Sedelmayr, M. N. Duma, S. E. Combs, and G. Multhoff

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 193 (8), 648–655 (2017)

Monitoring the surface quality of silver plasmon waveguides with nonlinear photoemission electron microscopy and in-situ ion sputtering

Authors:  K. Pearce, F. Schuknecht, C. Späth, B. Duschner, F. Richter, and U. Kleineberg

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Ultramicroscopy 183, 55-60 (2017)

The impact of femtosecond pre-pulses on nanometer thin foils for laser-ion acceleration

Authors:  M. L. Zhou, J. H. Bin, D. Haffa, X. Q. Yan and J. Schreiber

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 59, 5 (2017)

Qualitative and Quantitative Imaging Evaluation of Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes with Grating-based X-ray Phase-contrast CT

Authors:  M. Braunagel, L.Birnbacher, M. Willner, M. Marschner, F. De Marco, M. Viermetz, S. Notohamiprodjo, K. Hellbach, S. Auweter, V. Link, C. Woischke, M. F. Reiser, F. Pfeiffer, M. Notohamiprodjo, and J. Herzen

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Scientific Reports 7, 45400 (2017)

Quantification of the uncertainties of a biological model and their impact on variable RBE proton treatment plan optimization

Authors:  A.F. Resch, G. Landry, F. Kamp, G. Cabal, C. Belka, J.J. Wilkens, K. Parodi, and G. Dedes

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Physica Medica 36, 91–102 (2017)

Simulating the control of molecular reactions via modulated light fields: from gas phase to solution

Authors:  S. Thallmair, D. Keefer, F. Rott, and R. de Vivie-Riedle

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 50 082001 (2017)

Capturing atomic-scale carrier dynamics with electrons

Authors:  P. Baum, F. Krausz

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Chemical Physics Letters 683, 57-61 (2017)

Photodissociation dynamics of the pyridinyl radical: Time-dependent quantum wave-packet calculations

Authors:  J. Ehrmaier, D. Picconi, T. N. V. Karsili, and W.Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: The Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 124304 (2017)

X-ray Dark-field Radiography - In-Vivo Diagnosis of Lung Cancer in Mice

Authors:  K. Scherer, A. Yaroshenko, D. A. Bölükbas, L. B. Gromann, K. Hellbach, F. G. Meinel, M. Braunagel, J. von Berg, O. Eickelberg, M. F. Reiser, F. Pfeiffer, S. Meiners, and J. Herzen

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Scientific Reports 7, 402 (2017)

X-ray dark-field radiography facilitates the diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis in a mouse model

Authors:  K. Hellbach, A. Yaroshenko, K. Willer, T. M. Conlon, M. B. Braunagel, S. Auweter, A. Ö. Yildirim, O. Eickelberg, F. Pfeiffer, M. F. Reiser, and F. G. Meinel

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Scientific Reports 7, 340 (2017)

Ingredients to TICT Formation in Donor Substituted Hemithioindigo

Authors:  S. Wiedbrauk, B. Maerz, E. Samoylova, P. Mayer, W. Zinth and H.Dube

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8 (7), 1585–1592 (2017)

Towards swift ion bunch acceleration by high-power laser pulses at the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA)

Authors:  F. H. Lindner, D. Haffa, J.H. Bin, F. Englbrecht, Y. Gao, J. Gebhard, J. Hartmann, P. Hilz, C. Kreuzer, S. Lehrack, T.M. Ostermayr, T. F. Rösch, M. Speicher, M. Würl, K. Parodi, J. Schreiber, and P. G. Thirolf

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 402, 354-357 (2017)

X-ray vector radiography of a human hand

Authors:  C. Jud, E. Braig, M. Dierolf, E. Eggl, B. Günther, K. Achterhold, B. Gleich, E. Rummeny, P. Noël, F. Pfeiffer, D. Münzel

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Proceedings 10132, Medical Imaging 2017: Physics of Medical Imaging; 101325U (2017)

Mono-energy coronary angiography with a compact light source

Authors:  E. Eggl, K. Mechlem, E. Braig, S. Kulpe, M. Dierolf, B. Günther, K. Achterhold, J. Herzen, B. Gleich, E. Rummeny, P. B. Noël, F. Pfeiffer, and D. Muenzel

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Proc. SPIE 10132, Medical Imaging 2017: Physics of Medical Imaging, 101324L (2017)

Lab-based x-ray nanoCT imaging

Authors:  M. Müller, S. Allner, S. Ferstl, M. Dierolf, T. Tuohimaa, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Proc. SPIE 10132, Medical Imaging 2017: Physics of Medical Imaging, 101320L (2017)

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