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Publications supported by MAP 2018

Electron energy analysis by phase-space shaping with THz field cycles

Authors:  D. Ehberger, C. Kealhofer, and P. Baum

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Structural Dynamics 5 (4) (2018)

Tilted Electron Pulses

Authors:  D. Ehberger, A. Ryabov, and P. Baum

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 094801 (2018)

10 W CEP-stable few-cycle source at 2 µm with 100 kHz repetition rate

Authors:  M. Neuhaus, H. Fuest, M. Seeger, J. Schötz, M. Trubetskov, P. Russbueldt, H.D. Hoffmann, E. Riedle, Zs. Major, V. Pervak, M. F. Kling, and P. Wnuk

Areas: B.3, B.2

Magazine: Optics Express 26 (13), 16074-16085 (2018)

Attosecond electron pulse trains and applications to time-resolved diffraction and microscopy

Authors:  Y. Morimoto, P. Baum

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Proceedings Volume 10673, Advances in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Physics; 106730P (2018)

Efficient middle-infrared generation in LiGaS2 by simultaneous spectral broadening and difference-frequency generation

Authors:  B.-H. Chen, T. Nagy, and P. Baum

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Optics Letters 43 (8), 1742-1745 (2018)

Colloquium: Strong-field phenomena in periodic systems

Authors:  S. Yu. Kruchinin, F. Krausz, and V. S. Yakovlev

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Rev. Mod. Phys. 90, 021002 (2018)

Emergence of a Higher Energy Structure in Strong Field Ionization with Inhomogeneous Laser Fields

Authors:  M. F. Ciappina, J. Perez-Hernández, L.Ortmann, J. Schötz, A. Chacón, G. Zeraouli, M. Kling, L. Roso, M. Lewenstein, and A. Landsman

Areas: B.3

Magazine:  High-Brightness Sources and Light-driven Interactions, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America), paper HM4A.5 (2018)

Ultimate waveform reproducibility of extreme-ultraviolet pulses by high-harmonic generation in quartz

Authors:  M. Garg, H. Y. Kim, E. Goulielmakis

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature photonics 12, 291–296 (2018)

Compression of picosecond pulses from a thin-disk laser to 30fs at 4W average power

Authors:  B.-H. Chen, M. Kretschmar, D. Ehberger, A. Blumenstein, P. Simon, P. Baum, and T. Nagy

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Optics Express Vol. 26 (4), 3861-3869 (2018)