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Publications supported by MAP 2018

Broadband molecular spectroscopy with optical frequency combs

Authors:  M. L.Weichman, P. B. Changala, J. Ye, Z. Chen, M. Yan, N. Picqué

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2018)

Multipass spectral broadening of 18 mJ pulses compressible from 1.3 ps to 41fs

Authors:  M. Kaumanns, V. Pervak, D. Kormin, Y. Leshchenko, A. Kessel, M. Ueffing, Y. Chen, and T. Nubbemeyer

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Optics Letters (2018)

Cumulative plasma effects in cavity-enhanced high-order harmonic generation in gases

Authors:  T. Saule, M. Högner, N. Lilienfein, O. de Vries, M. Plötner, V. S. Yakovlev, N. Karpowicz, J. Limpert, and I. Pupeza

Areas: A.1

Magazine: APL Photonics 3, 101301 (2018)

Sensitive spectroscopic breath analysis by water condensation

Authors:  K. S. Maiti, M. Lewton, E. Fill and A. Apolonskiy

Areas: A.1

Magazine: J. Breath Res. 12 046003 (2018)

Nonlinear pulse compression in a gas filled multipass cell

Authors:  M. Ueffing, S. Reiger, M. Kaumanns, V. Pervak, M. Trubetskov, T. Nubbemeyer, and F. Krausz

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Optics Letters 43 (9), 2070-2073 (2018)