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Project C.2.5

Contrast agents

To maximise contrast in PCI we will evaluate and establish optimal contrast agents for various PCI conditions. To identify the most promising candidate contrast agents and their appropriate energy spectrums different contrast media classes, based on iodine, gadolinium, iron and SF-filled microbubbles, will be screened systematically in vitro at the existing facilities at TUM, with comparison to clinical imaging modalities (MRI, CT, Ultrasound) at the Department of Clinical Radiology (LMU).

Next, the most promising candidate contrast media will undergo detailed in vitro characterisation at the BRIX source in CALA and will then be tested in experimental systems such as human tumour models (breast carcinoma, prostate carcinoma, colon carcinoma) in nude athymic rats in vivo (Hsd:RHFoxn1). We will collaborate with S. Sourbon, University of Leeds, UK.

Project Leader