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Project C.2.2

Breast tissue

To achieve the aim of establishing grating-based PCI for breast tissue imaging (objective b) we will employ the following steps: (1) Based on the results of the first funding period at ESRF, we will develop and optimise the grating-interferometer at the Campus Garching for breast tissue imaging; (2) We will compare the resulting image quality of excised tissue samples (including whole breasts) with that from synchrotron sources (ESRF and DESY) and established clinical imaging methods (i.e. MRI) and histology (see also Fig. C.2.2).

Optimisation of the set-up includes choice of the X-ray spectrum (influenced by the anode material), interferometer geometry (grid height and distances) and image processing and reconstruction tools. Image quality will also be compared to results from conventional X-ray absorption contrast MicroCT, high-resolution X-ray microscopy and histopathology. There will be external collaboration with respect to cancer detection with H. Hrisac (Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NYC).