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Fig. B.3.1 (left): Attosecond streaking spectrogram (upper trace) and retrieved electric field evolution (lower trace) of sub-cycle light fields, with a FWHM duration of ~ 2 fs and central wave period of ~2.3 fs, demonstrating the power of multioctave light waveform synthesis. Fig. B.3.2 (right): Picture of the prototypical

Project B.3.1

Ultra-wideband light waveform synthesis

Here we pursue the generation and shaping of waveforms composed of frequencies stretching over several octaves from the mid infrared to the vacuum ultraviolet. To this end we shall use the MIR-VUV supercontinua generated in the 1st fp and extend our prototypical three-channel waveform synthesiser completed during the 1st fp (Fig. B.3.2) with a deep-UV and vacuum-UV channel for allowing attosecond precision waveform-sculpting and providing a greater selection of photon energies for excitation or probing purposes. Temporal characterisation of the synthesised waveforms will be performed via our wellestablished attosecond streaking technique (see upper diagram of Fig. B.3.1). The experiments will utilise the AS-1 attosecond beamline that was set up and permanently improved during the 1st fp. The technologies proposed here are essential for Projects B.1.2, B.3.2, B.3.3 and B.3.5.