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Project A.2.6

Scaling simulation using AMR for optimising laser-driven secondary sources

The understanding of laser-driven secondary sources such as ion acceleration with
lasers, laser-wakefield acceleration of electrons and compact FELs with laser accelerated electrons have matured to a point where further progress requires full scale simulations of realistic target designs.

The Adaptive-Mesh-Refinement (AMR) simulation project has the goal and, unlike most classical simulation approaches, the power to provide next generation simulation of the multi-scale problem inherent in real world ion acceleration, electron acceleration and radiation generation experiments. Specifically, project A.2.6 will provide simulation support for the projects A.2.5, A.3.5 (laser-ion acceleration), A.3.2 (full scale FEL simulations in 3D, slice emittance calculations) and A.3.4 (laser-wakefield acceleration of electrons, radiation generation from laser-accelerated electrons, beam loading, discrepancies of electron yield between experiment and simulation).

In addition, project A.2.6 will provide a scalable, high end, in-house simulation code for MAP-related source design investigations in the field of laser-matter interaction.