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Project A.2.4

X-ray CC D cameras for energy-resolving spectroscopy and biomedical imaging

The project aims at developing a fast, high-resolution (~ 50 ym pixel size) and high quantum efficiency (> 90% @ 35 keV) photon-counting imaging detector, to support the experiments making use of brilliant X-ray beams from BRIX and SPECTRE. Since there is no commercial system with such characteristics available for the BRIX and SPECTRE energy spectrum, the system will be developed from cutting edge technologies such as the Medipix 3 system 5 bounded to high-Z sensor materials. The project will specifically encompass the development, testing and integration of a dedicated readout system and will be carried out in collaboration with DESY in Hamburg (H. Graafsma).

Among the few options available, the most viable approach appears to base the new development on the already existing Medipix 3 detector development program. The prototype readout chip for the detector has just been successfully tested and matches all the requirements. Furthermore, the Medipix 3 is currently the only fast counting system available with high-Z sensor materials such as Ge or CdTe which allows for a high quantum efficiency in the energy range of 30-80 keV.

Our specific contribution to the already ongoing inter-institutional effort will be the development of a dedicated Medipix 3 readout system. Before BRIX will become available in the framework of CALA we shall perform benchmarking experiments with in-house polychromatic sources with the BRIX prototype in Palo Alto (USA) and at synchrotrons (Petra-III in Hamburg and ESRF in Grenoble).

Project Leader