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Project A.1.5

Development of ATLAS-3000

The ATLAS-3000 system represents the third main pillar of the laser infrastructure in CALA. It will incorporate the existing ATLAS facility currently located at MPQ. The installation of ATLAS-3000 will require substantial adaptation of the commercially available components, both to tie them to the existing laser system and to synchronise them with PFS-pro. A close collaboration with the PFS-pro project is therefore indispensable.

Being a laser with worldwide unique performance specifications the system calls for new diagnostics capable of controlling the pulse contrast and phase over an unparalleled dynamic range. The experimental projects in Research Area A.3 will provide valuable feedback for specifying the necessary laser parameters and help constructing auxiliary systems such as a plasma mirror. The installation and commissioning work will rely on the accumulated expertise of the current ATLAS team, evidenced by several high-profile experiments with ATLAS as a workhorse. As the backbone infrastructure in secondary source development, ATLAS-3000 plays a central role for achieving several MAP Grand Goals.

Project Leader