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Publications supported by MAP 2016

Mass Density Measurement of Mineralized Tissue with Grating-Based X-Ray Phase Tomography

Authors:  R. Gradl, I. Zanette, M. Ruiz-Yaniz, M. Dierolf, A. Rack, P. Zaslansky, F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167797 (2016)

A novel method for interactive multi-objective dose-guided patient positioning

Authors:  J. Haehnle, P. Süss, G. Landry, K. Teichert, L. Hille, J. Hofmaier, D. Nowak, F. Kamp, M. Reiner, C. Thieke, U. Ganswindt, C. Belka, K. Parodi, K.-H. Küfer and C. Kurz

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 62, 165 (2016)

Basis material decomposition in spectral CT using a semi-empirical, polychromatic adaption of the Beer–Lambert model

Authors:  S. Ehn, T. Sellerer, K. Mechlem, A. Fehringer, M. Epple, J. Herzen, F. Pfeiffer and P. B. Noël

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Physics in Medicine and Biology 62, 1 (2016)

Quantum electron-vibrational dynamics at finite temperature: Thermo field dynamics approach

Authors:  R. Borrelli and M. F. Gelin

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Journal of Chemical Physics 145, 22 (2016)

Nondestructive characterization of fiber orientation in short fiber reinforced polymer composites with X-ray vector radiography

Authors:  F. Prade, F. Schaff, S. Senck, P. Meyer, J. Mohr, J. Kastner, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: NDT & E International 86, 65–72 (2017)

A method for high-energy, low-dose mammography using edge illumination x-ray phase-contrast imaging

Authors:  P.C. Diemoz, A. Bravin, A. Sztrókay-Gaul, M. Ruat, S. Grandl, D. Mayr, S. Auweter, A. Mittone, E. Brun, C. Ponchut, M. F. Reiser, P. Coan and A. Olivo

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 61, 8750 (2016)

Improved Diagnostics by Assessing the Micromorphology of Breast Calcifications via X-Ray Dark-Field Radiography

Authors:  K. Scherer, E. Braig, S. Ehn, J. Schock, J. Wolf, L. Birnbacher, M. Chabior, J. Herzen, D. Mayr, S. Grandl, A. Sztrókay-Gaul, K. Hellerhoff, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Scientific Reports 6, 36991 (2016)

Sub-cycle optical control of current in a semiconductor: from the multiphoton to the tunneling regime

Authors:  T. Paasch-Colberg, S. Yu. Kruchinin, Ö. Sağlam, S. Kapser, S. Cabrini, S. Muehlbrandt, J. Reichert, J. V. Barth, R. Ernstorfer, R. Kienberger, V. S. Yakovlev, N. Karpowicz and A. Schiffrin

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Optica 3 (12), 1358-1361 (2016)

Flexible mini gamma camera reconstructions of extended sources using step and shoot and list mode

Authors:  J. Gardiazabal, P. Matthies, J. Vogel, B. Frisch, N. Navab, S. Ziegler and T.Lasser

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Med. Phys. 43, 6418 (2016)

Ex vivo characterization of pathologic fluids with quantitative phase-contrast computed tomography

Authors:  V. Richter, M. S. Willner, J. Henningsen, L. Birnbacher, M. Marschner, J. Herzen, M. A. Kimm, P. B. Noël, E. J. Rummeny, F. Pfeiffer, and A. A. Fingerle

Areas: C.2

Magazine: European Journal of Radiology (86), 99–104 (2016)

Reconstruction of Nanoscale Near-Fields by Attosecond Streaking

Authors:  J. Schoetz, B. Forg, M. I. Forster, W. A. Okell, M. I. Stockman, F. Krausz, P. Hommelhoff, M. F. Kling

Areas: B.3

Magazine: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 23, 3 (2017)

Production of Brewster angle thin film polarizers using a ZrO2/SiO2 pair of materials

Authors:  V. Zhupanov, I. Kozlov, V. Fedoseev, P. Konotopov, M. Trubetskov, and A. Tikhonravov

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Applied Optics Vol. 56 (4), C30-C34 (2017)

Attosecond correlation dynamics

Authors:  M. Ossiander, F. Siegrist, V. Shirvanyan, R. Pazourek, A. Sommer, T. Latka, A. Guggenmos, S. Nagele, J. Feist, J. Burgdörfer, R. Kienberger and M. Schultze

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Nature Physics 13, 280–285 (2017)

Two new methods to generate internal coordinates for molecular wave packet dynamics in reduced dimensions

Authors:  J. P. P. Zauleck, S. Thallmair, M. Loipersberger, and R. de Vivie-Riedle

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Chem. Theory Comput. 12 (12), 5698–5708 (2016)

Prioritized efficiency optimization for intensity modulated proton therapy

Authors:  B. S. Müller, and J. J. Wilkens

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Med. Biol. 61, 8249 (2016)

Transition from SAMO to Rydberg State Ionization in C60 in Femtosecond Laser Fields

Authors:  H. Li, B. Mignolet, Z. Wang, K. J. Betsch, K. D. Carnes, I. Ben-Itzhak, C. L. Cocke, F. Remacle, and M. F. Kling

Areas: B.3

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 7, 4677–4682 (2016)

Hard X-ray index of refraction tomography of a whole rabbit knee joint: A feasibility study

Authors:  S. Gasilov, A. Mittone, A. Horng, T. Geith, A. Bravin, T. Baumbach, and P. Coan

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Physica Medica 32 (12), 1785–1789 (2016)

Multi-petahertz electronic metrology

Authors:  M. Garg, M. Zhan, T. T. Luu, H. Lakhotia, T. Klostermann, A. Guggenmos & E. Goulielmakis

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature 538, 359–363 (2016)

Anisotropic X-Ray Dark-Field Tomography: A Continuous Model and its Discretization

Authors:  M. Wieczorek, F. Schaff, F. Pfeiffer, and T. Lasser

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 158101 (2016)

Transient Bone Marrow Edema Syndrome versus Osteonecrosis: Perfusion Patterns at Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging with High Temporal Resolution Can Allow Differentiation

Authors:  T. Geith, T. Niethammer, S. Milz, O. Dietrich, M. Reiser, A. Baur-Melnyk

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Radiology 283, 2 (2016)

Proton acceleration by irradiation of isolated spheres with an intense laser pulse

Authors:  T.M. Ostermayr et al.

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Rev. E (94), 033208 (2016)

Six dimensional X-ray Tensor Tomography with a compact laboratory setup

Authors:  Y. Sharma, M. Wieczorek, F. Schaff, S. Seyyedi, F. Prade, F. Pfeiffer and T. Lasser

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 134102 (2016)

Investigating deformable image registration and scatter correction for CBCT-based dose calculation in adaptive IMPT

Authors:  C. Kurz, F. Kamp, Y-K. Park, C. Zöllner, S. Rit, D. Hansen, M. Podesta, G. C. Sharp, M. Li, M. Reiner, J. Hofmaier, S. Neppl, C. Thieke, R. Nijhuis, U. Ganswindt, C. Belka, B. A. Winey, K. Parodi and G. Landry

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Med. Phys. 43, 5635 (2016)

Attosecond pulse generation with an optimization loop in a light-field-synthesizer

Authors:  B. Bódi, E. Balogh, V. Tosa, E. Goulielmakis, K. Varjú, and P. Dombi

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (19) 21957-21962 (2016)

Kerr effect in multilayer dielectric coatings

Authors:  E. Fedulova, M. Trubetskov, T. Amotchkina, K. Fritsch, P. Baum, O. Pronin, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (19), 21802-21817 (2016)

Hard X-ray phase-contrast tomography of non-homogeneous specimens: grating interferometry versus propagation-based imaging

Authors:  M. Ruiz-Yaniz, I. Zanette, A. Sarapata, L. Birnbacher, M. Marschner, M. Chabior, M, Olbinado, F. Pfeiffer and A. Racka

Areas: C.1

Magazine: J. Synchrotron Rad. 23 (5) (2016)

Attosecond photoelectron streaking with enhanced energy resolution for small-bandgap materials

Authors:  A. Guggenmos, A. Akil, M. Ossiander, M. Schäffer, A. M. Azzeer, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, R. Kienberger, M. Schultze, and U. Kleineberg

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Letters 41 (16), 3714-3717 (2016)

Twisted Hemithioindigo Photoswitches: Solvent Polarity Determines the Type of Light-Induced Rotations

Authors:  S. Wiedbrauk, B. Maerz, E. Samoylova, A. Reiner, F. Trommer, P. Mayer, W. Zinth, and H. Dube

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138 (37), 12219–12227 (2016)

Fusing tetrapyrroles to graphene edges by surface-assisted covalent coupling

Authors:  Y. He, M. Garnica, F. Bischoff, J. Ducke, M.-L. Bocquet, M. Batzill, W. Auwärter, and J. V. Barth

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Nature Chemistry 9, 33–38 (2017)

Monitoring conical intersections in the ring opening of furan by attosecond stimulated X-ray Raman spectroscopy

Authors:  W. Hua, S. Oesterling, J. D. Biggs, Y. Zhang, H. Ando, R. de Vivie-Riedle, B. P. Fingerhut, and S. Mukamel

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Structural Dynamics 3, 023601 (2016)

Direct regenerative amplification of femtosecond pulses to the multimillijoule level

Authors:  M. Ueffing, R. Lange, T. Pleyer, V. Pervak, T. Metzger, D. Sutter, Z. Major, T. Nubbemeyer, and F. Krausz

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Optics Letters 41 (16), 3840-3843 (2016)

Supramolecular Spangling, Crocheting, and Knitting of Functionalized Pyrene Molecules on a Silver Surface

Authors:  T. Kaposi, S. Joshi, T. Hoh, A. Wiengarten, K. Seufert, M. Paszkiewicz, F. Klappenberger, D. Ecija, L. Đorđević, T. Marangoni, D. Bonifazi, J. V. Barth, and W. Auwärter

Areas: B.1

Magazine: ACS Nano 10 (8), 7665–7674 (2016)

Discrete dispersion scanning as a simple method for broadband femtosecond pulse characterization

Authors:  P. Wnuk, H. Fuest, M. Neuhaus, L. Loetscher, S. Zherebtsov, E. Riedle, Zs. Major, and M.F. Kling

Areas: B.3, B.2

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (16), 18551-18558 (2016)

Electron microscopy of electromagnetic waveforms

Authors:  A. Ryabov, P. Baum

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Science 353 (6297), 74-377 (2016)

Low chromatic Fresnel lens for broadband attosecond XUV pulse applications

Authors:  H. Pan, C. Späth, A. Guggenmos, S. H. Chew, J. Schmidt, Q. Zhao, and U. Kleineberg

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (15), 16788-16798 (2016)

Broadband beamsplitter for high intensity laser applications in the infra-red spectral range

Authors:  T. Amotchkina, H. Fattahi, Y. A. Pervak, M. Trubetskov, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (15), 16752-16759 (2016)

Group delay dispersion measurements in the mid-infrared spectral range of 2-20 µm

Authors:  F. Habel, M. Trubetskov, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express 24 (15), 16705-16710 (2016)

Toward interfacing organic semiconductors with ferromagnetic transition metal substrates: enhanced stability via carboxylate anchoring

Authors:  R. Han, F. Blobner, J. Bauer, D. A. Duncan, J. Barth, P. Feulner, and F. Allegretti

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Chem. Commun. 52, 9805-9808 (2016)

Ionoacoustic tomography of the proton Bragg peak in combination with ultrasound and optoacoustic imaging

Authors:  S. Kellnberger, W. Assmann, S. Lehrack, S. Reinhardt, P. Thirolf, D. Queirós, G. Sergiadis, G. Dollinger, K. Parodi, V. Ntziachristos

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Sci Rep. 6: 29305 (2016)

Formation of a thermally stable bilayer of coadsorbed intact and deprotonated thymine exploiting the surface corrugation of rutile TiO2(110)

Authors:  D. A. Duncan, J. H. K. Pfisterer, P. S. Deimel, R. G. Acres, M. Fritton, P. Feulner, J. Barth and F. Allegretti

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 20433-20442 (2016)

Time resolved X-ray Dark-Field Tomography Revealing Water Transport in a Fresh Cement Sample

Authors:  F. Prade, K. Fischer, D. Heinz, P. Meyer, J. Mohr, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Scientific Reports 6, 29108 (2016)

Detection of Post-Therapeutic Effects in Breast Carcinoma Using Hard X-Ray Index of Refraction Computed Tomography – A Feasibility Study

Authors:  S. Grandl, A. Sztrókay-Gaul, A. Mittone, S. Gasilov, E. Brun, A. Bravin, D. Mayr, S. D. Auweter, K. Hellerhoff, M. Reiser, and P. Coan

Areas: C.2

Magazine: PLoS ONE 11(6): e0158306 (2016)

Spectroscopy and Dynamics of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas on Ultrathin Helium Films on Cu(111)

Authors:  N. Armbrust, J. Güdde, U. Höfer, S. Kossler, and P. Feulner

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 256801 (2016)

Design of Optical Coatings with Optimized Absorptance in Individual Layers

Authors:  M. K. Trubetskov and T. Amotchkina

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optical Interference Coatings 2016 OSA Technical Digest, paper MD.2 (2016)

Ultrafast interference coatings for the MIR spectral range

Authors:  F. Habel and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: OSA Technical Digest (online), paper TD.6 (2016)

High-Reflectivity Mirrors for Tailoring Carrier-Envelope Phase Properties

Authors:  M. K. Trubetskov, S. Holzberger, N. Lilienfein, H. Carstens, I. Pupeza, and V.Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optical Interference Coatings 2016 OSA Technical Digest (online), paper TD.2 (2016)

Design, Production and Characterization of Mirrors for Ultra-Broadband, High-Finesse Enhancement Cavities

Authors:  M. K. Trubetskov, T. Amotchkina, N. Lilienfein, S. Holzberger, F. Krausz, I. Pupeza, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optical Interference Coatings 2016 OSA Technical Digest (online), paper ThA.2 (2016)

Efficient broadband highly dispersive HfO2/SiO2 multilayer mirror for pulse compression in near ultraviolet

Authors:  O. Razskazovskaya, M. Th. Hassan, T.T. Luu, E. Goulielmakis, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express Vol. 24, Issue 12, 13628-13633 (2016)

Rotational and vibrational dynamics in the excited electronic state of deprotonated and protonated fluorescein studied by time-resolved photofragmentation in an ion trap

Authors:  D. Imanbaew, M. F. Gelin and C. Riehn

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Struct. Dyn. 3, 043211 (2016)

Ultrafast electron crystallography of the cooperative reaction path in vanadium dioxide

Authors:  D. -S. Yang, P. Baum and A. H. Zewail

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Struct. Dyn. 3, 034304 (2016)

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