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Publications supported by MAP 2013

Coherent Raman spectro-imaging with laser frequency combs

Authors:  T. Ideguchi, S. Holzner, B. Bernhardt, G. Guelachvili, N. Picqué, and T. W. Hänsch

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Nature 502, 355–358 (2013)

Mid-infrared optical frequency combs at 2.5 μm based on crystalline microresonators

Authors:  C. Wang, T. Herr, P. Del’Haye, A. Schliesser, R. Holzwarth, T. W. Hänsch, N. Picqué, and T. J. Kippenberg

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Nature Communications 4, 1345 (2013)

SU‐E‐T‐52: Evaluation of EBT2 and EBT3 films for dosimetry in laser-driven ion accelerators

Authors:  S. Reinhardt, M. Hillbrand, J. Wilkens, W. Assmann, and K. Parodi

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Med. Phys. 40, 215 (2013)

Development of a Compton camera for online range monitoring of laser-accelerated proton beams

Authors:  P. Thirolf, S. Aldawood, C. Lang, and K. Parodi

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Medical Physics 40, 144 (2013)

In-vivo dark-field and phase-contrast x-ray imaging

Authors:  M. Bech, A. Tapfer, A. Velroyen, A. Yaroshenko, B. Pauwels, J. Hostens, P. Bruyndonckx, A. Sasov, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Scientific Reports 3, 3209-1 - 3209-2 (2013)

Visualisation of methacrylate-embedded human bone sections by infrared nanoscopy

Authors:  T. Geith, S. Amarie, S. Milz, F. Bamberg, and F. Keilmann

Areas: C.2

Magazine: J. Biophotonics (2013)

Domain of validity of the perturbative approach to femtosecond optical spectroscopy

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, B. J. Rao, M. Nest, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Chem. Phys. 139 (22), 224107-1 - 224107-8 (2013)

Lung tumors on multimodal radiographs derived from grating-based X-ray imaging - A feasibility study

Authors:  F. G. Meinel, F. Schwab, A. Yaroshenko, A. Velroyen, M. Bech, K. Hellbach, J. Fuchs, T. Stiewe, A. Ö. Yildirim, F. Bamberg, M. F. Reiser, F. Pfeiffer, and K. Nikolaou

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Phys Med. 30 (3), 352-357 (2013)

Adaptive strong-field control of chemical dynamics guided by three-dimensional momentum imaging

Authors:  E. Wells, C. E. Rallis, M. Zohrabi, R. Siemering, B. Jochim, P. R. Andrews, U. Ablikim, B. Gaire, S. De, K. D. Carnes, B. Bergues, R. de Vivie-Riedle, M. F. Kling, and I. Ben-Itzhak

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nat. Comm. 4, 2895-1 - 2896-9 (2013)

Simulation of femtosecond “double-slit” experiments for a chromophore in a dissipative environment

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, Y. Tanimura, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Chem. Phys. 139 (21), 214302-1 - 214302-12 (2013)

X-ray grating-based phase tomography for 3D histology

Authors:  I. Zanette, T. Weitkamp, G. Le Duc, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: RSC Advances 3, 19816-19819 (2013)

Near-field ptychography: phase retrieval for inline holography using a structured illumination

Authors:  M. Stockmar, P. Cloetens, I. Zanette, B. Enders, M. Dierolf, F. Pfeiffer, and P. Thibault

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Scientific Reports 3, 1 - 6 (2013)

Coherent superposition in grating-based directional dark-field imaging

Authors:  A. Malecki, G. Potdevin, T. Biernath, E. Eggl, E. Grande Garcia, T. Baum, P. B. Noël, J. S. Bauer, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: PLoS One 8 (4), 61268-1 - 61268-7 (2013)

Monochromatic computed tomography with a compact laser-driven X-ray source

Authors:  K. Achterhold, M. Bech, S. Schleede, G. Potdevin, R. Ruth, R. Loewen, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Sci Rep. 3 (1313), 1 - 4 (2013)

Quantitative X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography at 82 keV

Authors:  M. Willner, M. Bech, J. Herzen, I. Zanette, D. Hahn, J. Kenntner, J. Mohr, A. Rack, T. Weitkamp, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Optics Express 21 (4), 4155-4166 (2013)

X-ray phase-contrast CT of a pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma mouse model

Authors:  A. Tapfer, R. Braren, M. Bech, M. Willner, I. Zanette, T. Weitkamp, M. Trajkovic-Arsic, J. T. Siveke, M. Settles, M. Aichler, A. Walch, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: PLoS ONE 8, 58439 (2013)

Evaluation of the potential of phase-contrast computed tomography for improved visualization of cancerous human liver tissue

Authors:  P. B. Noël, J. Herzen, A. A. Fingerle, M. Willner, M. K. Stockmar, D. Hahn, M. Settles, E. Drecoll, I. Zanette, T. Weitkamp, E. J. Rummeny, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Z. Med. Phys. 23 (3), 204 - 2011 (2013)

Iterative reconstruction for few-view grating-based phase-contrast CT — An in vitro mouse model

Authors:  T. Gaass, G. Potdevin, M. Bech, P. B. Noël, M. Willner, A. Tapfer, F. Pfeiffer, and A. Haase

Areas: C.1

Magazine: EPL 102 (4), 48001-1 - 48001-6 (2013)

Quantification of the neutron dark-field imaging signal in grating interferometry

Authors:  C. Grünzweig, J. Kopecek, B. Betz, A. Kaestner, K. Jefimovs, J. Kohlbrecher, U. Gasser, O. Bunk, C. David, E. Lehmann, T. Donath, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Phys. Rev. B 88 (12), 125104-1 - 125104-6 (2013)

An algebraic iterative reconstruction technique for differential X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography

Authors:  J. Fu, S. Schleede, R. Tan, L. Chen, M. Bech, K. Achterhold, M. Gifford, R. Loewen, R. Ruth, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Z. Med. Phys. 23 (3), 186 - 193 (2013)

Grating-based X-ray phase contrast for biomedical imaging applications

Authors:  F. Pfeiffer, J. Herzen, M. Willner, M. Chabior, S. Auweter, M. Reiser, and F. Bamberg

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Z. Med. Phys. 23 (3), 176 - 185 (2013)

Dynamical simulation of electron transfer processes in alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers at the Au(111) surface

Authors:  V. Prucker, O. Rubio-Pons, M. Bockstedte, H. Wang, P.B. Coto, and M. Thoss

Areas: B.1

Magazine: J. Phys Chem C 117, 25334 (2013)

Unwrapping differential x-ray phase-contrast images through phase estimation from multiple energy data

Authors:  F. M. Epple, G. Potdevin, P. Thibault, S. Ehn, J. Herzen, A. Hipp, F. Beckmann, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Optics Express 21, 29101-29108 (2013)

Pulmonary emphysema diagnosis with a preclinical small-animal X-ray dark-field scatter-contrast scanner

Authors:  A. Yaroshenko, F. G. Meinel, M. Bech, A. Tapfer, A. Velroyen, S. Schleede, S. Auweter, A. Bohla, A. Ö. Yildirim, K. Nikolaou, F. Bamberg, O. Eickelberg, M. F. Reiser, and F. Pfeiffer

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Radiology 269 (2), 427-33 (2013)

Molecular imaging based on x-ray fluorescent high-Z tracers

Authors:  B. H. Müller, C. Hoeschen, F. Grüner, V. A. Arkadiev, and T. R. Johnson

Areas: C.2

Magazine: Phys Med Biol. 58 (22), 8063-76 (2013)

Laser-manufactured mirrors for geometrical output coupling of intracavity-generated high harmonics

Authors:  D. Esser, J. Weitenberg, W. Bröring, I. Pupeza, S. Holzberger, and H.-D. Hoffmann

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Optics Express 21 (22), 26797-26805 (2013)

Simple recipes for separating excited-state absorption and cascading signals by polarization-sensitive measurements

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Phys. Chem. A 117 (45), 11509–11513 (2013)

Anatomy, function, and evolution of jaw and hyobranchial muscles in cryptobranchoid salamanderlarvae

Authors:  T. Kleinteich, J. Herzen, F. Beckmann, M. Matsui, and A. Haas

Areas: C.2

Magazine: J. Morphol 275 (2), 230–246 (2013)

Efficient, octave-spanning difference-frequency generation using few-cycle pulses in simple collinear geometry

Authors:  H. Fattahi, A. Schwarz, S. Keiber, and N. Karpowicz

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Opt. Lett. 38, 4216-4219 (2013)

Laser-based acceleration of nonrelativistic electrons at a dielectric structure

Authors:  J. Breuer, and P. Hommelhoff

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (13), 134803-1 - 134803-5 (2013)

First Use of Mini Gamma Cameras for Intra-operative Robotic SPECT Reconstruction

Authors:  P. Matthies, K. Sharma, A. Okur, J. Gardiazabal, J. Vogel, T. Lasser, N. Navab

Areas: C.1

Magazine: Med. Image Comput. Assist. Interv. 8149, 163-170 (2013)

Optical-field-induced current in dielectrics

Authors:  A. Schiffrin, T. Paasch-Colberg, N. Karpowicz, V. Apalkov, D. Gerster, S. Mühlbrandt, M. Korbman, J. Reichert, M. Schultze, S. Holzner, J. V. Barth, R. Kienberger, R. Ernstorfer, V. S. Yakovlev, M. I. Stockman, and F. Krausz

Areas: B.3

Magazine: Nature 493, 70-74 (2013)

Aperiodic CrSc multilayer mirrors for attosecond water window pulses

Authors:  A. Guggenmos, R. Rauhut, M. Hofstetter, S. Hertrich, B. Nickel, J. Schmidt, E. M. Gullikson, M. Seibald, W. Schnick, and U. Kleineberg

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Optics Express 21 (19), 21728-21740 (2013)

High-power Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillator in the anomalous and normal dispersion regimes

Authors:  O. Pronin, J. Brons, M. Seidel, F. Lücking, C. Grasse, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann, V. Pervak, A. Apolonskyi, V. L. Kalashnikov, and F. Krausz

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Proc. SPIE 8599 (2013)

Damage treshold of multilayer thin-films at MHz repetition rates

Authors:  I. Angelov, M. von Pechmann, M. K. Trubetskov, O. Pronin, F. Krausz, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Proc. SPIE 8786, 8786-35 (2013)

Characterization of sub-two-cycle pulses from a hollow-core fiber compressor in the spatiotemporal and spatiospectral domains

Authors:  B. Alonso, M. Miranda, F. Silva, V. Pervak, J. Rauschenberger, J. San Román, I. J. Sola, and H. Crespo

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Applied Physics B 112 (1), 105-114 (2013)

Empirical study of the group delay dispersion achievable with multilayer mirrors

Authors:  V. Pervak, V. Fedorov, Y. A. Pervak, and M. Trubetskov

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Opt. Express 21 (15), 18311-18316 (2013)

Large-mode enhancement cavities

Authors:  H. Carstens, S. Holzberger, J. Kaster, J. Weitenberg, V. Pervak, A. Apolonskyi, E. Fill, F. Krausz, and I. Pupeza

Areas: A.1

Magazine: Opt. Express 21 (9), 11606-11617 (2013)

Measurements of the group delay and the group delay dispersion with resonance scanning interferometer

Authors:  M. K. Trubetskov, M. von Pechmann, I. B. Angelov, K .L. Vodopyanov, F. Krausz, and V. Pervak

Areas: A.2

Magazine: Opt. Express. 21 (6), 6658-69 (2013)

Quantum beats in the polarization response of a dielectric to intense few-cycle laser pulses

Authors:  M. Korbman, S. Y. Kruchinin, and V. S. Yakovlev

Areas: B.3

Magazine: New J. Phys. 15, 013006-1 - 013006-16 (2013)

The effect of dynamical Bloch oscillations on optical-field-induced current in a wide-gap dielectric

Authors:  P. Földi, M. G. Benedict, and V. S. Yakovlev

Areas: B.3

Magazine: New J. Phys. 15, 063019-1 - 063019-15 (2013)

Dressed bound states for attosecond dynamics in strong laser fields

Authors:  V.S. Yakovlev, M. Korbman, and A. Scrinzi

Areas: B.1

Magazine: Chemical Physics 414, 26–31 (2013)

Self-modulation and anomalous scattering of laser produced intense ion beam in plasmas

Authors:  K. Mima, J. Fuchs, J. Alvalez, J. R. Marques, S. N. Chen, T. Tajima, and J. M. Perlado

Areas: C.3

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. (2013), submitted

On the small divergence of laser-driven ion beams from nanometer thick foils

Authors:  J. H. Bin, W. J. Ma, K. Allinger, H. Y. Wang, D. Kiefer et al.

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Phys. Plasmas 20 (7), 073113-1 - 073113-5 (2013)

Efficient and stable proton acceleration by irradiating a two-layer target with a linearly polarized laser pulse

Authors:  H. Y. Wang, et al.

Areas: A.3

Magazine: Phys. Plasmas 20, 013101-1 - 013101-6 (2013)

Monitoring bipartite entanglement in hybrid carbon nanotube systems via optical 2D photon-echo spectroscopy

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, I. V. Bondarev, and A. V. Meliksetyan

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Chem. Phys. 413, 123–131 (2013)

Tunable plasmon nano optics with carbon nanotubes

Authors:  I. V. Bondarev, M. F. Gelin, and A. V. Meliksetyan

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2nd ed., Taylor and Francis, New York (2013)

Ab initio study of the cyclodimerization of uracil through butane-like and oxetane-like conical intersections

Authors:  V. B. Delchev, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: J. Photochem. Photobiol. A 271, 1-7 (2013)

Electronically excited states and photochemical reaction mechanisms of β-glucose

Authors:  D. Tuna, A. L. Sobolewski, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2013), in press

Pump-probe spectroscopy with strong pulses as a tool to enhance weak electronic transitions

Authors:  M. F. Gelin, A. K. Belyaev, and W. Domcke

Areas: B.2

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 87 (6), 063416-1 - 063416-7 (2013)

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