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Veisz, László, Prof. Dr.

László Veisz

Umea University

Department of Physics
Linnaeus väg 24

SE - 90187 Umea, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)90 786 66 62

MAP research areas:

A.3 Laser-based high-energy particle and X-ray sources

A.3.1 Advancing attosecond pulse generation to higher photon flux and energy (--> 1 keV) via atomic and surface harmonics


Research expertise and fields:

Application, improvement of ultra-intense, ultra-short, multi-Terawatt lasers

Application, improvement of few-cycle, sub-Terawatt kHz lasers

Spectral, temporal, spatial, etc. characterization of laser pulses

Laser-contrast improvement using plasma mirrors and/or cross-polarized wave generation

Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification (OPCPA) system development and characterization (Light Wave Synthesizer 20 (LWS-20): 16 TW, 130 mJ, 8 fs, 10 Hz)

Plasma parametric instabilities (SRS, TPD) and nonlinear plasma processes (3/2 harmonic generation)

Temporally resolved X-ray spectroscopy using streak cameras

Laser-driven electron acceleration with multi-terawatt sub-10fs sources ("bubble" / "blow out" regime, laser wakefield acceleration with external injection, acceleration in capillaries)

Characterization of laser-accelerated electrons (spectrum, charge, divergence, normalized transverse emittance, magnetic field, bunch duration)

Temporally-resolved electron diffraction

Ultra-intense single attosecond pulse generation via high harmonic generation in gases with a >100 mJ, 8 fs OPCPA system

Ultra-intense single attosecond pulse generation via high harmonic generation on plasma surfaces (coherent wake emission, relativistic oscillating mirror)

Laser-driven proton and ion acceleration

Selected publications:

Shock-front injector for high-quality laser-plasma acceleration, A. Buck, J. Wenz, …, S. Karsch, and L. Veisz, Physical Review Letters 110, 185006 (2013)
Diagnostics of electron beams and plasma wave in laser-plasma accelerators
L. Veisz, A. Buck, …, M. Kaluza, and F. Krausz, AIP Conference Proceedings 1507, 111 (2012)
Few-cycle driven relativistically oscillating plasma mirrors: A source of intense isolated attosecond pulses, P. Heißler, R. Hörlein, …, M. Zepf, and G. Tsakiris, Physical Review Letters 108, 235003 (2012)
Supersonic gas jets for laser-plasma experiments, K. Schmid and L. Veisz, Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 053304 (2012)
Ultra-high-contrast few-cycle pulses for multipetawatt-class laser technology, J. Mikhailova, A. Buck, …, F. Krausz, and L. Veisz, Optics Letters 36, 3145 (2011)