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Ultrahigh resolution inspection and metrology tool RAITH200

Nano-lithography and nano-inspection
An electron-beam lithography system, RAITH200 (Fa. Raith GmbH) in a class 1000 cleanroom environment is dedicated to the development of sub-micron diffractive optics, metallic nanostructures and waveguides for plasmonic applications and optical microresonators.

The system is based on a Schottky thermionic field-emitter scanning electron microscope for ultrahigh spatial resolution (5 nm) in the metrology mode and small electron beam diameter (2 nm @ 20 keV) and large current density (7500 A/cm²) in the lithography mode.

The electron microscope is equipped with a 8 inch (200 mm) sample load lock, while ultra-precise sample positioning for overlay and stiching accuracy (< 40 nm 3?) is provided by means of a laser-interferometer-controlled 8 inch sample stage and closed-loop piezo positioning (2-nm resolution).

In the metrology mode, the SEM is equipped with an in-lens secondary electron detector as well as 2 backscatter detectors.
For nanolithography, fast pattern generation is provided by a 10 Mhz DSP pattern generator.
The system is fully PC software controlled (RAITH150 version 4.0) and equipped with a GDSII pattern editor, proximity correction as well as post processing functions.
Further equipment for resist handling and processing (spin coater, oven for resist pre-and post bake, resist strip, wet and dry etching etc.) is available.

For further questions please contact

Prof. Dr. Ulf Kleineberg

Tel.: +4989 2891 4003