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Publications supported by MAP 2010

Simulating strongly coupled plasmas on high-performance computers

Authors:  M. Bussmann, U. Schramm, P. Thirolf, D. Habs

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, Garching/Munich 2009, 589-598 (2010)

Elektronenjagd mit Attosekundenblitzen

Authors:  M. Schultze, and R. Kienberger

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Physik Journal 9 (7), 39 (2010)

Frequency-tunable multigigawatt sub-half-cycle light pulses from coupled-state dynamics of optical solitons and impulsively driven molecular vibrations

Authors:  A. M. Zheltikov, A. A. Voronin, R. Kienberger, F. Krausz, and G. Korn

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: PRL 105 (10), 103901-1 - 103901-4 (2010)

The size of the proton

Authors:  R. Pohl et al.

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Nature 466, 213-216 (2010)

Cavity-enhanced dual-comb spectroscopy

Authors:  B. Bernhardt, A. Ozawa, P. Jacquet, M. Jacquey, Y. Kobayashi, T. Udem, R. Holzwarth, G. Guelachvili, T. W. Hänsch, and N. Picqué

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Nature Photonics 4, 55-57 (2010)

Atom chip based generation of entanglement for quantum metrology

Authors:  M. Riedel, P. Böhi, Y. Li, T. W. Hänsch, A. Sinatra, and P. Treutlein

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Nature 464, 1170 – 1173 (2010)

Proposed studies of radiation damping in laser interaction with an ultra-thin, coherently reflecting electron sheet, regarded as a macro-particle

Authors:  D. Habs, D. Kiefer, A. Henig, R. Hörlein, J. Schreiber, K. Allinger, J. Bin, P. Thirolf, C. Lang, T. Yamazaki, and K. Homma

Areas: B.1 fp 1, A.2 fp 1

Magazine: AIP Conf. Proc. 1228, 287-294 (2010)

On the detection of footprints from strong electron acceleration in high-intensity laser fields, including the Unruh effect

Authors:  P.G. Thirolf, D. Habs, K. Homma, R. Hörlein, S. Karsch, F. Krausz, C. Maia, J. Osterhoff, A. Popp, K. Schmid, J. Schreiber, R. Schützhold, T. Tajima, L. Veisz, J. Wulz, and T. Yamazaki

Areas: A.2 fp 1, B.1 fp 1

Magazine: AIP Conf. Proc. 1228, 54-67 (2010)

Six photon entangled dicke state enabled by a UV enhancement cavity as novel SPDC photon source

Authors:  W. Wieczorek, R. Krischek, A. Ozawa, G. Toth, N. Kiesel, P. Michelberger, Th. Udem, and H. Weinfurter

Areas: B.1 fp 1, B.2 fp 1

Magazine: Proc. of SPIE 7727, 77270-1 - 77270-11 (2010)

s-Wave interaction in a two-species Fermi-Fermi mixture at a narrow Feshbach resonance

Authors:  L. Costa, J. Brachmann, A.-C. Voigt, C. Hahn, M. Taglieber, T. W. Hänsch, and K. Dieckmann

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 123201 (2010)

Power scaling of a high-repetition-rate enhancement cavity

Authors:  I. Pupeza, T. Eidam, J. Rauschenberger, B. Bernhardt, A. Ozawa, E. Fill, A. Apolonski, T. Udem, J. Limpert, Z.A. Alahmed, A.M. Azzeer, A. Tuennermann, T. W. Hänsch, and F. Krausz

Areas: A.1 fp 1, B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Optics Letters 35 (12), 2052-2054 (2010)

Injection locking of a trapped ion photon laser

Authors:  S. Knünz, M. Herrmann, V. Batteiger, G. Saathoff, T. W. Hänsch, K. Vahala, and T. Udem

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (1), 013004-1 - 013004-4 (2010)

Two-photon direct frequency comb spectroscopy with chirped pulses

Authors:  S. Reinhardt, E. Peters, T. W. Hänsch, and T. Udem

Areas: B.1 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. 81 (3), 033427-1 - 033427-5 (2010)

Calculation of transition probabilities and ac Stark shifts in two-photon laser transitions

Authors:  M. Hori, and V. I. Korobov

Areas: B.1 fp 1, B.2 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. A 81 (6), 062508-1 - 062508-13 (2010)

Precise laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium at CERN's antiproton decelerator

Authors:  M. Hori

Areas: B.1 fp 1, B.2 fp 1

Magazine: Hyperfine Interactions 196, 243 (2010)