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Publications supported by MAP 2010

Ultraintense laser interaction with nanoscale targets: a simple model for layer expansion and ion acceleration

Authors:  B. J. Albright, L. Yin, B. M. Hegelich, K. J. Bowers, C. Huang, A. Henig, J. C. Fernandez, K. A. Flippo, S. A. Gaillard, T. J. T. Kwan, X. Q. Yan, T. Tajima, and D. Habs

Areas: A.3 fp 1

Magazine: J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 244 (4), 042022-1-042022-4 (2010)

Autofocused, enhanced proton acceleration from a nanometer-scale bulged foil

Authors:  H. Y. Wang, X. Q. Yan, Y. R. Lu, F. L. Zheng, Z. Y. Guo, W. J. Ma, X. T. He, T. Tajima, D. Habs, and J. E. Chen

Areas: A.3 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Plasmas 17 (11), 113111-1 - 113111-5 (2010)

Collective deceleration: Toward a compact beam dump

Authors:  H.-C. Wu, T. Tajima, D. Habs, A. W. Chao, and J. Meyer-ter-Vehn

Areas: A.3 fp 1

Magazine: Phys. Rev. STAB 13, 101303-1 - 101303-8 (2010)

Efficient ion acceleration by collective laser-driven electron dynamics with ultra-thin foil targets

Authors:  S. Steinke, A. Henig, M. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, P. V. Nickles, D. Jung, D. Kiefer, J. Schreiber, T. Tajima, X. Q. Yan, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, M. Hegelich, W. Sandner, and D. Habs

Areas: A.3 fp 1

Magazine: Laser Part. Beams 28, 215 (2010)

Theory of laser ion acceleration from a foil target of nanometer thickness

Authors:  X. Q. Yan, T. Tajima, M. Hegelich, L. Yin, and D. Habs

Areas: A.3 fp 1

Magazine: Applied Physics B 98 (4), 711-721 (2010)

Quantum model simulations of attosecond electron diffraction

Authors:  P. Baum, J. Manz, and A. Schild

Areas: A.3 fp 1, C.2 fp 1

Magazine: Science China 53 (6), 987-1004 (2010)